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                  Piwik -

Piwik is the leading Free/Libre open source Web Analytics software. 

Piwik is a a full featured PHP MySQL software program that you download and install on your own webserver. 
At the end of the five minute installation process you will be given a JavaScript code. 
Simply copy and paste this tag on websites you wish to track and access your analytics reports in real time.

Piwik aims to be a Free software alternative to Google Analytics, and is already used on more than 250,000 websites.

Mission statement
« To create, as a community, the leading international Free/Libre
  web analytics application, providing access to all functionality 
  through open components and open APIs. » 

Piwik is released under the GPL v3 (or later) license, see misc/gpl-3.0.txt 

- PHP 5.1.3 or greater
- MySQL 4.1 or greater, and either MySQLi or PDO library must be enabled
- Piwik is OS / server independant

- Upload piwik in your webserver 
- Point your browser to the directory
- Follow the steps
- Add the given javascript code to your pages

You can generate fake data to play with by enabling the plugin VisitorGenerator in "Settings".



More information
What makes Piwik unique from the competition:
- Real time web analytics reports: in Piwik, reports are by default generated in real time. 
  For high traffic websites, you can choose the frequency for reports to be processed (more info)
- You own your web analytics data: because Piwik is installed on your server, the data is stored in your own database 
  and you can get all the statistics using the powerful Piwik Analytics API.
- Piwik is a Free Software which can easily be configured to respect your visitors privacy.
- Modern, easy to use User Interface: you can fully customize your dashboard, drag and drop widgets and more.
- Piwik features are built inside plugins: you can add new features and remove the ones you don’t need. 
  You can build your own web analytics plugins or hire a consultant to have your custom feature built in Piwik
- Vibrant international Open community of more than 100,000 active users (tracking even more websites!)
- Advanced Web Analytics capabilities such as Ecommerce Tracking, Goal tracking, Campaign tracking, 
  Custom Variables, Email Reports, and more!

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